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Welcome, Traveler

Welcome to my little out-of-the-way corner of the Internet. This is where I fiddle with web-based things, or host cool things I make. Over the last few years I've done so much, yet I only have this website to show for it.

Yeah, I'm disappointed too. No, I will not be getting a T-shirt with that on it.

Projects on This Site

Over the years, I've worked on various random projects that I host here—mainly things that filled a particular need I had at the time, but may be useful to others. Have at it!

Github Projects

Click the button below to see random stuff I've bothered to put on Github. You're welcome. Alternatively, I'm so, so sorry.


Minecraft Modpacks

Check back soon—some Minecraft 1.10.2 awesomeness is on its way!

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Keeping a server running costs money. If you like this site, or anything I've done, or just don't know what to do with a couple extra dollars, why not give it to me?

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