Many don't know a lot about me. Hang on tight, because I'm gonna tell you who I am.

I rip ores from the earth with nothing but my force of will. I make nature my willing and humble servant. Builders want to be me. Monsters want to be nowhere near me. I build machines that can destroy the world, or make it a better place—or both.

Come, friend! Let's take a walk on the Flawedspirit side.

Flawedspirit's Pack

What do you get when you take the awesome that was the 1.7.10 modding scene, and pack it full of bleeding edge 1.10.2 goodness? This. Bigger, badder, stronger, faster.

Alpha-1.1CHANGELOGCLIENT (Coming Soon™)SERVER (Coming Soon™)


The pack is mostly science and technology-based, featuring the latest and greatest an aspiring mad scientist could ask for. Applied Energistics 2, Refined Storage, Railcraft, Ender IO, Thermal Expansion, Mekanism, Tinker's Construct, Super Circuit Maker, Extreme Reactors. I could type on forever. That's not even close to all of it, but there's always more to discover to aid you on your way to either world domination or the greatest pig farm known to mankind.

Magic isn't quite left out though. The big player is currently Blood Magic, in case you decide you (or those villagers nearby) have far too much blood. Thaumcraft is on the list once a viable 1.10.2 version is released.

Please note that the pack does not include Industrialcraft 2 or its family of addons (Compact Solars, Nuclear Control, etc.) It's been a great run, but it's always sorta just hung out in the corner doing its own things while all the other mods had a huge "we all use RF and work together" party. In the end, this pack's about mods that go well together, not about drawing attention to the ones that feel like the odd one out.


Have you a mighty hunger? Ender IO has one of the coolest auto-farming setups ever. Enjoy trees and bees? Forestry, Extra Bees, and More Bees have both (well, okay, only Forestry has both, but it has lots of both!) Tired of digging holes in the Mining Dimension or setting up mining lasers that chew up more electricity than a small metropolis? Agricraft! Go ahead, tell me you've never wanted to grow vast waving fields of diamonds, nuggets of metal, quartz and more–go on, tell me otherwise.


Variety is important, and Biomes O' Plenty delivers. Some biomes are common and some are super rare and cool, but I won't spoil the surprise.


Sometimes you just want to build the coolest house on your server to be the envy of your friends and griefers. We got you covered there too with mods that add literally hundreds of new and cool building materials like Bibliocraft, Chisel, Environmental Tech, and more.

Resource Pack

Sphax PureBD for MC 1.10.2 – BASEx16x32x64x128
Flawedspirit's Pack Addonsx64 (Coming Soon™)

Modpack Permissions

A list of all the mods that have ever been a part of my modpacks and their authors' permissions can be found here (not implemented yet).